A quick overview...

We offer two types of craft nights -

"Pick a Project" and "Specialty Classes"



Most nights, we have our "Pick a Project" nights, where you can choose to make any of our projects from our Project Menu. Projects vary in length and in difficulty, change seasonally, and start at $30 (kids projects at $20). We do offer upgrades for custom names, dates, quotes, etc. that allow you to completely customize your project! Come in anytime we are open to complete your project, leaving at least 2-3 hours for your self-guided project; we accept walk-ins until 7pm Tuesday-Friday and until 2pm on Saturday. You can make reservations for a group here.

Completing your project should take somewhere from 1-3 hours, depending on how much socializing you do. An average project with an average amount of socializing takes about 2 hours.

SPECIALTY CLASSEs - coming soon!

We will soon be offering a variety of  totally fun, unique, and advanced classes! These are only available on specific nights, so be sure to refer to our calendar and reserve your spot! These projects are taught classroom-style, though you are still free to customize the colors as much as you'd like. For these classes, you do need to make a reservation to hold your seat, and arrive promptly when they begin so you don't miss any steps! 


So... what do I do?

Pick a Night
Choose if you want to attend a specialty class or an open "pick a project" night by visiting our Calendar. Click on the date you are interested in to make a reservation. We also accept walk-ins for "pick a project" nights (based on availability), but not for specialty classes (these must be reserved in advance).

Pick a Project
Each visitor can pick their own project to create from our Project Menu, either beforehand or upon arrival.  Projects start at $35 and we give you the time, supplies, tools & tutorial to make a masterpiece. Work at your own pace, enlisting our Creative Assistants for project tips, advice or help!

Pick your Sustenance
We have food and drink available, and have partnered with the neighboring restaurants if you want to order in food!

Take your creations home; use them or hang them & do so with pride! Stay connected with us on Facebook and Instagram to see your Project Social photos, find deals & more.

See the video below to get an exclusive shop tour and see how we do our craft nights at Art Parlor!



Wondering why you should come see us?

At Art Parlor, we endeavor to create an inspiring space for guests to come and create unique DIY, art and design pieces. We know that taking on an art project can be daunting, but the benefits of both using your creative mind and accomplishing a finished project are tremendous! We are ardent advocates of the importance of infusing creativity into every day life and the benefits that taking time to be creative brings. Crafting is not only stress-relieving, but enhances problem-solving skills and encourages self expression – these are perks we can all profit from! As such, we hope to provide our guests the space, the projects that provide inspiration, and tools to construct, in order to tear down the barriers that people normally face when taking on a project. Throw a few friends in the mix, and you have a recipe for creative genius and fun!


Interested in holding a party here?

Learn more here!